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Our unique backgrounds and expertise provide an effective, personalized solution by combining a broad clinical knowledge base, understanding of workflow efficiency optimization, and innovative technology integration to take your organization to the next level.

Chief NerdMDs

Adam and Dale. Two physician informaticist friends who care deeply about “letting doctors be doctors” and optimizing the clinical IT systems we use to care for patients, by removing the friction between technology and care delivery.

“Letting doctors be doctors.
Technology that matters.
Advancing healthcare.
We can help.

Informatics Physicians, join the conversation on our LinkedIn Group, to collaborate, share, ask advice.

Other physicians with an interest in technology and healthcare, join the conversation on our Facebook Page and Private Facebook Group.

3 thoughts on “Chief NerdMDs

  1. Is the conversation open to strictly physicians? Could it be open to a seasoned EHR IT person who has watched the rise and fall of EHRs, is deeply sorry for the pain caused, and would love to help? I do not want to miss the conversation and the ultimate resurrection of the physician patient relationship. The website below is not up and running yet. I am in the start up phase. I am a patient and physician advocate, I want to see the patients data in the patients hands.

    1. Sharon – Thank you for the post and the passion in this space. Sounds like we line up well with our mission and goals. At this time the LinkedIn Group is limited to ONLY physician informaticists since this type of grouping was missing in the marketplace, but we are happy to discuss with you any opportunities to help in your endeavors. Please reach out to if you would like to continue the conversation.

    2. Join the Nerd MDs Facebook group! Happy to have you join in the solutions and collaborate.

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