Summing Up the Current State of the EHR and the Physician-Patient Experience

Kudos to our fellow Colorado authors of a recently published perspective, “I, EHR” in the Journal of Hospital Medicine. This piece sums up, so eloquently, the current state of healthcare and the EHR, but also hints at the future state where the EHR will start to shine! Physicians, specifically those in Medical Informatics, will lead this change, and the authors explain:

“…talented medical informatics specialists are working hard to improve me [the EHR]. I dream of the day when I will create a truly seamless experience for you and your patients.”

“I, EHR” authors

This article should resonate with physicians, informaticists, nurses, patients, healthcare executives, health start-ups (trying to crack this nut), and the countless established 3rd party companies trying to make this a realty by integrating their tech into these behemoth EHR systems, that are quickly becoming much more than just an electronic version of the old paper medical record…

“When the big EHRs actually become the electronic healthcare platform of the future, we will finally return to the “golden days of medicine” when a physician and patient can have a meaningful discussion about their concerns. The technology will become the 3rd party in the room automatically parsing and collating the discussion, orders and plan into a thoughtful summary and assessment/plan automatically…without the physician needing to touch the keyboard or mouse.”

Adam Carewe MD

Please comment below and share your thoughts. This is the future of medicine and physicians will lead this change! Please share this article with friends, family, social media, and colleagues.

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