The NerdMDs OpenAI ChatGPT Blog Experiment

With all the hype around the ChatGPT research experiment Dale Gold MD and Adam Carewe MD decided to see how well this tool can write regular and succinct Healthcare technology related content and actually get a real response from the community.

Each of these topics will be curated from either Dale or Adam but the content of the blog post will be unedited and pure ChatGPT. Stay tuned for the recap after this 4 week experiment!

Topic 1: 5 Ways a Physician can Influence Healthcare Technology | LinkedIn Share

Topic 2: Pending

Topic 4: Pending

Topic 3: Pending

Topic 5: Pending

Topic 6: Pending

Topic 7: Pending

Topic 8: Pending

Thanks for reading and we always appreciate your thoughts and comments below or directly on our social feeds.

10 thoughts on “The NerdMDs OpenAI ChatGPT Blog Experiment

  1. That’s excellent Dr. Carewe! Was starting to wonder about that


    1. Thanks Loveena. Yeah this tool is super fun for getting travel advice, dinner options, or making up songs about specific things. But it also is a great blogger and tweeter too!


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