From TurboTax to TurboHealth: Rethinking Prevention

Tax tools go mainstream, but what about healthcare?

As tax season approaches, many of us will be turning to online tax tools that have become the industry standard for filing our taxes. You are presented seamlessly with numerous convenient options, including AI, chat, and expert advice, so why is healthcare still struggling to simplify its processes?

“Can we create a virtual care delivery model for maintaining your physical health that mirrors TurboTax for accounting?”

Dr Dale Gold | Co-Chief NerdMD

Can we create a virtual care delivery model for maintaining your physical health that mirrors TurboTax for accounting? Imagine a digital platform that allows you to complete an annual wellness evaluation from the comfort of your own home, with the ability to chat with a healthcare agent or easily escalate to a healthcare provider with a click of a button. The platform could provide tailored recommendations and connect you to necessary follow-up care, all without having to leave the couch!

Thank you DALL-E again!

The healthcare industry can be slow to adopt new technologies and processes, but the need for easier access to preventative care is becoming increasingly evident. How long until we’re able to have preventive health at the tip of our fingers, with the ease of access to a doctor that we experience with an accountant? The work being done by Telehealth innovators is blazing this path, and we can hope to see a not-so-distant, future where healthcare is a click away.

Who knew filing your taxes could be the inspiration for a better healthcare system? Maybe next time I’ll compare it to something more fun, like getting a root canal. Just kidding (hopefully)!

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