Epic UGM/training and burnout

August 2019

EHR Optimization and Burnout, thoughts from UGM19:

In short this is a hot topic and how do we pay for it. I thought my medical group actually was at a high level in this field but also wondered why it feels like we’re all stumbling through this together- who is leading? 

Change management, innovation, and burnout go through EMR training programs. Sounds like the secret sauce involves paying physicians to teach physicians with dedicated and recurring time. Some of us have efficiency conferences, others sprints, and some champion networks. Probably we need them all. And we need to be involving our practical informatics expert with operational decision making at early stages. Those who know the clinical work flows and the technical options/solutions. 

Change is here to stay and we need to plan for it. Now we just need someone to pay for it.  Currently most of it seems to come from the C-Suite caring about wellness, but how does practical clinical informatics provide more data about ROI to ensure our programs are here to stay? What data is needed? Should doctors be paying for it with CME money and we support national/regional conferences together- cutting out the hospitals/groups. Or should the Epics/Cerners/etc be hiring physicians whose job is to go to our hospitals and offices and run our classes in a standard way for us?

Who pays the price?

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